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   Mini Bio - Band and Solo Artists

   ABBA, AC/DC, Aerosmith, Arctic Monkeys, Aretha Franklin, Beach Boys, Beatles, Bee Gees, Beyoncé, Black Eyed Peas
    Blur, Bob Marley, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Buddy Holly, Carpenters, Celine Dion, Clash, Coldplay, David Bowie
    Doors, Dr. Dre, Eagles, Elton John, Elvis Presley, Eminem, Green Day, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, James Brown
    Jimi Hendrix, Killers, Lady Gaga, Led Zeppelin, Louis Armstrong, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Metallica, Michael Jackson
    Notorious B.I.G, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Tupac Shakur, U2, Whitney Houston

   Directory - Genre

   Big Band - A musical ensemble which plays jazz music, and was at it's zenith during the 1940's and 1950's.
   Blues - A music genre which is associated within the African-American community of the deep South.
   Celtic - A folk movement, which developed amongst the Celtic people of Western Europe.
   Classical - Arts music tradition, rooted in Europe between 1550 and 1900, with a liturgical and secular style.
   Country - Blends music styles; based in the rural regions of the southern states of the US from the 1930s.
   Dance - Focused upon the electronic dance movement, which started around 1981.
   Disco - A genre most popular in the late 1970s, made famous by Saturday Night Fever.
   Folk - Traditionally handed down by mouth, and played by the working classes of peasant communities.
   Gospel - Music which expresses and focuses upon the Christian faith; dates back to Europe and Africa.
   Heavy Metal - Developed in the early 1970's, as a "harder" and "heavier" form of rock n roll music.
   Hip-Hop - Developed in New York City, and codified by DJ Afrika Bambaataa.
   House - An electronic style of dance music that was first played in Chicago in the 80's.
   Indie - Indie is short for independent music: which includes artists that avoid replicating mainstream music styles.
   Jazz - Developed in New Orleans, and combining both classical and blues traditions.
   Latin - A genre which is the mainstream in Latin America and the Caribbean.
   Marching - Music which is performed by bands at sporting events, carnivals and parades in the UK and US.
   Mod - A music style which is connected to the mod youth culture of the UK in the late 60's.
   Motown - A music record company, founded by Berry Gordy, Jr., which became a distinctive sound of it's own.
   Opera - Singers and musicians perform dramatically to a musical score.
   Pop - Short for popular western music; with it's roots in the late 1950's and viewed as a 'youth' genre of music.
   Punk - A brash genre music, which was formed from 1974 and 1976 in the US and UK.
   Rap - Also referred to as MCing, and is an offshoot and development alongside hip-hop.
   Reggae - A genre which has its roots in Jamaica and the West Indie; with early hits being released in the 1950s.
   Rock - Orginally referred to as rock and roll, and now simple refers to a ensemble of guitars and a drum kit.
   R&B / Soul - Short for Rhythm and blues, and closely related in style to soul music.
   Ska - Originally developed in Jamaica, Ska as a genre was revived during the English 2 Tone era of the early 1980s.
   Swing - A form of jazz music, made popular by Count Basie in the 1930's.

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